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(6 Pack) Good Day Pasta


  • 6 Pack!!
  • 8 oz. box of Pasta Ruffles
  • 42% Less Carbs than regular pasta
  • 3X the Protein and 3X the Fiber
  • Delicious!
  • Welcome Back, Pasta!
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**6 pack**

Eat Well, Be Happy!

Welcome Back, Pasta! For all of you studying nutrition panels and counting your carbs…this pasta is for you!  Our pasta ruffles have only 24g of carbs versus 41g in regular pasta.  This means 42% fewer carbs!

Not only that  – Good Day Pasta has 3X the Protein and 3x the Fiber!  Hello Health!

The taste and texture is amazing…and you’ll notice it is less filling too!

Plant based, Vegan Certified, Non GMO, High in Fiber, Good Source of Protein.  8 ounces. Serves 4.

4 reviews for (6 Pack) Good Day Pasta

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    I eat a semi-high protein vegan diet, and so I was super excited to find this pasta! This fits my macros VERY well, it’s delicious, and the texture is amazing!! Thank you very much! I wish I could pair this with the cheese packet from the vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, ’cause that is sooooo yummy.

  2. Kathy B

    I am so excited to be able to eat pasta again! After watching the carbs in my diet regularly for years, I have missed being able to eat pasta. This pasta tastes like regular pasta and is delicious! Not only that, but it is higher in fiber, which is an additional plus.

  3. Ginny Maziarka

    As a diabetic, this pasta was a lifesaver! I can have a decent sized serving and enjoy a delicious flavor that comes without the “funkiness” of other pastas that are low or no-carb. The best thing about this product is the TEXTURE! I am typically not very excited about pasta but the texture of these ruffles is SPOT ON and, in my opinion, BETTER THAN ordinary pasta. Thanks for this great choice I now have in my regular menus!

    • carey

      Thanks for that great review! Happy you have found Good Day Pasta! We love it too!:)

  4. Presley

    This pasta was so good! All the deliciousness of regular pasta without the guilt. I made this pasta with their Spinach Basil Garlic Pasta Ruffles wiht Light and Creamy Seafood recipe and it was incredible. I highly recommend giving their other recipes a try. Overall a great product!

    • carey

      This is becoming a fan favorite! Thanks for the feedback!

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