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Mighty Pasta (High Protein)


  • 8 oz. box of Pasta Ruffles
  • 57% More Protein thank regular pasta
  • 6X the Fiber
  • Bronze Cut & Delicious!
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Go For It!

When you need to up your game, our Mighty Pasta Ruffles deliver!  With 57% more protein and 6 x the fiber of regular pasta!  Delicious taste and texture…enjoy!

Plant-based, Vegan Certified, Non-GMO, High in Fiber, Good Source of Protein.  8 ounces. Serves 4.

5 reviews for Mighty Pasta (High Protein)

  1. Joey B

    High in fiber and protein plant based pasta like no other

    I love this wonderful pasta that’s crafted in small boutique batches! Finally I can dine pasta without feeling bloated and heavy after. Easy for my stomach to digest with high fiber and protein. Ruffles holds the sauce really well. A box is good serving for one, two boxes if you’re making something for the family. Versatile for all styles like bolognese, salads, etc. Found these at local Ralph’s market – happy to see it’s available on Amazon for easy ordering to stock up.

  2. Jennifer Saghir

    I actually liked it. It’s a tougher pasta but sorta like mini lasagna noodles. I think it oiled be perfect for a baked pasta.

  3. t gags


    I like the pasta. The pasta is very thick and filling. I made a meal of just the pasta alone.

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  4. Beth

    I gave this pasta a try due to the high fiber content, thinking there was a chance it would taste like cardboard, but I was surprised how great it was. It makes a great substitute for the pasta I had been using, has more fiber and protein, healthier ingredients, and tastes better, too. I feel absolutely no guilt eating pasta now.

    • carey

      Thanks Beth! So happy you liked it!

  5. Lucy

    I loved this pasta! I used it in the Caprese Salad recipe from the website and it was so delicious! Would definitely recommend!

    • carey

      Thanks for the great feedback…our high protein pasta has been well recieved!

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