Petite Pumpkins (Zucchettes) Tri-Color Pasta


  • 16 oz. tray of Pumpkins (Zucchettes)
  • Bronze Cut & All Natural
  • Makes a Beautiful Gift!
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Italian Inspired Pasta! Made with 100% durum wheat and all-natural ingredients, our pasta is carefully pressed through bronze dies. It is then dried slowly in special Italian dryers for a long period of time.

The result is a rough and porous texture designed to absorb and hold your sauce.

The beautiful twists and turns in our Petite Pumpkins (Zucchettes) Tri-Color Pasta shapes also help capture your favorite toppings!

Buon Appetito! Serves 4-6.

Free Coloring Page!

Make sure to download our fun coloring pages that pair up with this yummy product!


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