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Spelt Pasta


  • 12 oz. bag of Spelt Pasta
  • Ancient Grain & Easier to Digest
  • Non-GMO and Kosher
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Spelt Pasta is part of our “Healthy Grains” pasta offering.

Spelt is ancient wheat dating back over 8000 years.  Spelt has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor and because of its high water solubility, its nutrients are quickly absorbed by the body.

While it is not gluten-free, it is higher in protein and easier to digest!

13 reviews for Spelt Pasta

  1. STEM Educator


    I was somewhat dubious when they arrived. The little buggers are a dark color but I cooked them up today and they are really good. I would purchase again.

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  2. Key over code bike locks

    Taste Healthy- But in a good way

    The noodles fit perfect for my pumpkin pasta I made the other night- very thick but not crunchy at all, you could say it almost tastiest healthier than regular pasta? But in a good way

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  3. Linda Smith

    Good tasting Pasta

    I have had a hard time finding Spelt pasta in our local grocery stores. This has been a wonderful find for us. This pasta is very good tasting, cooks up nicely and is perfect for a “comfort” bowl of pasta any time. It has a hardy texture and a subtle nutty flavor.

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  4. A. Force


    Glad these are available! It is not easy finding pasta from sprouted flour, but is worth the search since it is better for the digestive system. I was concerned that these would not taste very good based on my experience with other whole wheat pastas tasting grainy, but these were awesome! Crossing my fingers that these will be around for a while. Love them and will be purchasing more. 54 cents per ounce seems fair given that pastas from sprouted flour are not easy to come by at this time.

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  5. Tawana2Inspire


    UPDATE: NOT TO BAD. I’m use to a thinner noodle and may have over cooked them the first time or something but they tasted ok in my soup. I think I have to get use to certain taste as im changing my lifestyle.So far this is the nastiest stuff I ever tasted and extra thick. Im going to try it again tomorrow in my soup because I dont have the energy or patience to return packages. I will update this later. Hopefully it wont mess up my soup.

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  6. Dr. Howard M. Proskin

    Fantastic sprouted nuttiness!

    This is my favorite pasta! Unfortunately when the pasta-buying craziness began in the early stages of the COVID pandemic, my local grocery switched up their pasta offerings, and I am no longer able to purchase it there. I was very happy to find it available on Amazon! The price of this was always on the high side, but I feel that the price on Amazon is about the same as it cost me locally in the past. Give it a try — to me it has a very pleasant, somewhat nutty flavor — and I love the shape and texture. Enjoy!

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  7. KellyECrawford

    I Will Never Eat Semolina Pasta Again

    This is my second order of spelt pasta. Prior to ordering this product, I never heard of spelt other than reading reviews on Amazon. I do not like semolina pasta because I find it bland — I like the wheat taste which compliments other flavors in foods and find it to be heartier and more enjoyable. With this pasta, the texture is better than semolina and holds up well, although it cooks faster than semolina. I prefer my pasta “al dente,” so cook it for 4 minutes, immerse it it very cold water to stop the cooking process, then drain and add sauce or other ingredients and continue cooking so that it will not be soft — 2-3 minutes if I need to cook added ingredients longer. I will never go back to semolina pasta and will repeatedly order this product whenever I need pasta.

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  8. Tahcobm

    Amazing company

    What a great company! I ordered something that, by my complete own quirks, was not my cup of tea, and they were so great to work with to find other products I’d enjoy. They have a variety of choices, and were able to accommodate people with allergies, and sensitivities. Great products and company!!

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  9. DJ

    Perfect For PCOS Low Glycemic Diet

    Bought this as a pcos friendly alternative to refined flour pasta. Love it. Tastes great. Has a bit more chew than regular pasta which I actually prefer. Wish it could cost a bit less but I’m a repeat buyer either way.

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  10. Jarvis

    This pasta is TOPS! I love incorporating it with my meals. It cooks fantastically, quickly, and tastes great in any pasta dish created. I love, love, love this brand.

    • carey

      Thanks for such a positive review! Spelt Pasta needs this attention as many do not know exactly what it is! Thank you!

  11. Michelle Wudowsky

    I was so excited when i found these. My husband eats only spelt and quinoa, these are hardy, dont become mushy, and taste good. Thank you!

    • carey

      So happy you found us! Appreciate your comment!

  12. Denise (verified owner)

    This is an excellent pasta. It holds is shape well and can be used for multiple recipes.

    • carey

      Thanks for your feedback! Glad you are enjoying it!

  13. Diane

    And the ancient grain is good for me too … The only pasta we eat … Very good

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