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Sprouted Grains Pasta


  • 11 oz. bag of Sprouted Whole Grain Pasta
  • Nutty, Delicious & Easier to Digest
  • Non-GMO & Kosher
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Pastabilities® Sprouted Non-GMO Pasta is a healthy alternative to whole grain pasta.  It is Non-GMO and Kosher. It has many benefits including:

  • Sprouted Pasta is easier to digest. It is not gluten-free, although many customers with starch- or gluten-intolerance have reported they are able to digest sprouted flours and products.
  • Nutty, delicious flavor with no bitterness sometimes found in other whole grain flour.
  • Aids in weight loss, bowel regularity.
  • Helps to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and may help better manage diabetes.
  • And something we can all benefit from…more energy for living!

Ingredients:  Conventional Sprouted White Whole Wheat


13 reviews for Sprouted Grains Pasta

  1. Michael S. Ramos

    They taste good and are easy on digestion.

    One of the only sprouted pastas available and it’s pretty tasty.

  2. JS

    Good product

    Great taste, texturally okay for whole grain pasta.

  3. gerald lindsey

    Five Stars

    thank you

  4. Dr. Howard M. Proskin

    Fantastic sprouted nuttiness!

    This is my favorite pasta! Unfortunately when the pasta-buying craziness began in the early stages of the COVID pandemic, my local grocery switched up their pasta offerings, and I am no longer able to purchase it there. I was very happy to find it available on Amazon! The price of this was always on the high side, but I feel that the price on Amazon is about the same as it cost me locally in the past. Give it a try — to me it has a very pleasant, somewhat nutty flavor — and I love the shape and texture. Enjoy!

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  5. A. Force


    Glad these are available! It is not easy finding pasta from sprouted flour, but is worth the search since it is better for the digestive system. I was concerned that these would not taste very good based on my experience with other whole wheat pastas tasting grainy, but these were awesome! Crossing my fingers that these will be around for a while. Love them and will be purchasing more. 54 cents per ounce seems fair given that pastas from sprouted flour are not easy to come by at this time.

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  6. DJ

    Perfect For PCOS Low Glycemic Diet

    Bought this as a pcos friendly alternative to refined flour pasta. Love it. Tastes great. Has a bit more chew than regular pasta which I actually prefer. Wish it could cost a bit less but I’m a repeat buyer either way.

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  7. Estrellas30

    One of our favourite pastas


  8. sonia hargrove

    Very delicious


  9. Amazon Customer

    Fast and tasty

    Fast delivery. Very tasty product!

  10. Maria Rossi

    We always eat whole wheat pasta and I decided to try the sprouted pasta. This is the best-tasting pasta I have ever eaten. And we are Italian! We will say goodbye to regular whole wheat pasta and stay with pastabilities.
    Thank you.

  11. Bob

    Is this made from whole grain sprouted wheat? Thank you

    • carey

      Yes it is! We buy our flour from Essential Eating (look them up online), experts in the sprouting of wheat. It is delicious!

  12. Diane McFerran

    When will you have your site security fixed or this product back on Amazon? My computer security tells me your website doesn’t have a secure connection to make a purchase.i love this pasta, though!

    • carey

      Hey Diane! Thanks for your question! Our site is Trustwave Verified and totally secured…we have never had a problem! We try to keep in stock on Amazon and I think we have some there now! Also, if you prefer to call in your order, we can take your card over the phone…800-247-0188, Appreciate your business! Carey

  13. Billy

    What is the country of origin of this product? Thanks.

    • carey

      We make all our pasta in Nashville, Tennessee right here in the USA!!

    • Claire

      LOVED THIS PASTA!! I even eat it plain sometimes, and everyone who I make it for loves it. They love the unique pasta shape and has a great flavor

      • carey

        So happy you love this! Thanks for the feedback!

    • Dena Foley

      Do you have an Ancient Grains Pasta?

      • carey

        Yes! All these Healthy Grains: Sprouted, Spelt, and Kamut are considered Ancient Grains in a broad sense because they are derived from older grains or processes other than standard wheat!

  14. Tamara G

    I used this pasta for the first time tonight in a tuna noodle casserole. Came out great!

  15. k c kovacs (verified owner)

    Being Diabetic fo 40+ years I have to watch what I eat. This pasta gives me the ability to eat a great tasting and “friendly” product. The whole family eats prouted Wheat and loves it. ALL diabetics should take note and try it. Great stuff !!!

    • Jessica

      THE BEST!!! Thought it might be like eating cardboard, which is how I find most whole grain pastas, but it is delicious! and so much easier to digest than non-sprouted grains. Yaayyy!!

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