Pasta FAQs

Right here in the USA!  Nashville, Tennessee to be exact.

Most of our pasta is made with 100% durum wheat flour or semolina flour.  This is the best choice for wheat pasta.  It contains a high level of protein gluten which has a lot of strength and elasticity and makes for a wonderful taste and texture.  The colored pasta is made with all-natural vegetable powders.  If the product is Organic, then it has been Certified Organic by the Global Organic Alliance.  Our Collegiate Pasta (and Political Pasta) does contain food coloring to achieve the school colors!  For full details about our product lines, please visit our Nutritional Information page.

24 months if stored in a cool, dry, place.  Pasta packages with seasonings are 18 months.  Best if used by dates are printed on the pasta bags.  Note: all-natural pasta colors may fade over time.

We recommend 6-8 minutes in gently boiling water.  But always taste test on the early side!  You want the pasta to be al dente, or “to the tooth”, meaning firm to the bite, but not overcooked.  Please refer to the product packaging for specific timing as a few items have slightly different instructions.

Our flour is wheat-based, so we do “contain wheat” in our pasta.  Some of our seasoning mixes produced and packaged by outside vendors may contain milk or soy.  Also, specifically, the organic cheese mix is made in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, fish, tree nuts, wheat, and soybeans.  Our plant operates as an egg-free and nut-free plant.  Please refer to our nutritional page for more details.

No.  Our plant operates as nut-free environment.  Some of our seasoning mixes produced and packaged by outside vendors may contain milk or soy.  Please refer to our nutritional info.

Currently we only have the colleges as seen in the brochure and website.

Both Spelt and Sprouted Pastas are part of our Good For You pasta line.  Both are healthy alternatives to regular pasta.  They are Certified Organic and Non-GMO.  Some of the benefits of Sprouted Pasta include:

  • Sprouted Pasta is easier to digest. It is not gluten free, although many customers with starch- or gluten-intolerance have reported they are able to digest sprouted flours and products.
  • Nutty, delicious flavor with no bitterness sometimes found in other whole grain flour.
  • Aids in weight loss, bowel regularity.
  • Helps to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and may help better manage diabetes.
  • And something we can all benefit from…more energy for living!

Spelt is an ancient wheat dating back over 8000 years.  Spelt has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor and because of its high-water solubility, its nutrients are quickly absorbed by the body.  While it is not gluten free, it is higher in protein and easier to digest!

Vegan means that the product is plant-based.  All of our pasta is vegan, as it does not contain eggs.  Some of our seasoning mixes though do contain milk or non-vegan ingredients.  Please check our nutritional information page.

We do offer Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese for Kids.  The cheese mixes are plant-based, and you add unsweetened almond milk or other milk alternative and vegan butter to the mix.

Our “Pastably the Best Sauce” red pasta sauce is also plant-based.

Due to supply chain uncertainty, we no longer offer gluten-free pasta.  Our Red Sauce is gluten-free.