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We make pasta lovers smile! Pastabilities innovates pasta for health & happiness!

happy pasta for healthy lifestyles

Fast, easy, and yummy way to bring smiles to the dinner table—with over 100 fun shapes!

little girl hand reaching for delicious pastabilities mac and cheese on kitchen counter with pink napkin

Go from "what’s for dinner?" to feel good food in 3 easy steps.

start your Pastabilities journey by boiling a pot of water and tossing in your favorite fun pasta shapes

Boil water and toss in your favorite Pastabilities® pasta

bowl of fun shape pastabilities pasta with italian ingredients

Serve it up in a bowl with some fruit or veggies...

happy kids mean a happy mom!

And whew! Happy faces. Full bellies. Well nourished kids!

Whatcha lookin' for?

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This isn’t just dinnertime—it’s a complete sensory experience. Capture your kids' attention and activate their imagination with Pastabilities pasta. Over 100 fun shapes that will make them go WOW!

Head on over to our Pasta FAQs for answers!

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