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Good Day Pasta (Low Carb)


  • 8 oz. box of Pasta Ruffles
  • 42% Less Carbs than regular pasta
  • 3X the Protein and 3X the Fiber
  • Delicious!
  • Welcome Back, Pasta!
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Eat Well, Be Happy!

Welcome Back, Pasta! For all of you studying nutrition panels and counting your carbs…this pasta is for you!  Our pasta ruffles have only 24g of carbs versus 41g in regular pasta.  This means 42% fewer carbs!

Not only that  – Good Day Pasta has 3X the Protein and 3x the Fiber!  Hello Health!

The taste and texture are amazing…and you’ll notice it is less filling too!

Plant-based, Vegan Certified, Non-GMO, High in Fiber, Good Source of Protein.  8 ounces. Serves 4.

13 reviews for Good Day Pasta (Low Carb)

  1. Sara Roark

    Best protein pasta!

    This is hands down the best protein pasta I have tried! Way better than the red lentil stuff.This sells out at the store so buying in bulk was great!

  2. KCB

    Wow-Delicious Low Carb Pasta!

    Since I’m always trying to watch my carb intake, I thought I’d try this low carb pasta. Wow! It is so much better than other low carb pastas I’ve tried. I’m so happy I can eat pasta again!! It’s delicious!

  3. Myndbender

    Worst lo carb pasta ever

    The texture was awful and the flavor was disgusting.

  4. Lydia

    Best Low Carb/High Protein Pasta

    Best tasting, low carb pasta I’ve found. Love it! I use it every week.

  5. Sara Gill

    Low carb

    Low carb!

  6. Priya M

    Low carb pasta that actually tastes good. Great taste and texture.

    Great texture that is hard to find with lower carb pasta. Glad I tried it

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  7. rinconmx

    Low carb pasta that tastes great and is high in protein and fiber

    I have lost a considerable amount of weight by holding myself accountable and changing my lifestyle. Once in a while it is nice to have some pasta. This is perfect.

  8. Michael Kravchak

    Really great tasting pasta

    Shipped quickly. Great tasting. I love This pasta on leg day

  9. Megan

    Amazing taste!

    Love it, best tasting pasta with lots of protein. Will definitely keep stocked in my pantry!

  10. J (verified owner)

    This stuff is suspiciously good. Like, I wonder if the macronutrient counts are legitimate, good. Don’t waste time trying to find a better high protein pasta. When my local grocery stores are stocked, I buy 5-6 boxes per visit.

  11. Colby Maynard

    Best Low Carb Pasta!

    This pasta is amazing! I have always been a big pasta lover, but lately I have been looking for a healthier, low carb alternative to traditional pasta. Let me tell you after I found this product my search was over. This pasta tastes just like traditional pasta, but it’s even better because I know it has a lower carb content! I highly recommend this pasta to anyone.

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  12. Presley

    This pasta is so delish and guilt free, I love it!

  13. Mary

    I’ve been missing pasta with trying to eat lower carb but you can’t even taste a difference with this product! It’s amazing!

    • carey

      Happy you loved it!

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