5 Best Pasta Salads

Last week I shared my 8 Tips for Making Great Pasta Salads, but now friends it’s time to put that new knowledge to work with our 5 Best Pasta Salads!  It was hard to limit this list to only 5….so I decided to share those that first came to my mind as I was thinking about pools, lakes, porch time, potlucks and just my go-to favorites.

Collage of 5 Best Pasta Salads from World of Pastabilities

So, to print the recipe, just click on the name and jump to the recipe.  I’ll share some quick thoughts here, but there is much more detail in each of these individual posts. Every one of these cold, colorful pasta salad recipes is perfect for this long weekend, and I promise your crowd will relish every bite! And don’t forget the pasta salad best practices!

Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad

Any recipe that mixes pasta and pizza is going to be a winner…pepperoni, olives, mozzarella balls and chopped tomatoes are just a few of the ingredients that make this one supreme!

Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad | Delish combo of your favorite pizza ingredients! A simple side dish to any summer menu. Yum! The vinaigrette dressing ties it all together! | WorldofPastabilities.com

BLT Pasta Salad

A Pasta Shoppe original and one of the best of ALL TIME!  The name is self-explanatory, but people’s response when tasting this is not – people go crazy!

BLT Pasta Salad

Summertime Chicken Pasta Salad with Nectarines and Squash

A more elegant pasta salad, I’d serve this dish to your more refined pasta eaters.  It is unique with lots of summer’s freshest ingredients. It would be a great ladies’ luncheon salad served over big green leaf lettuce leaves.

Summertime Chicken Pasta Salad with Nectarines & Squash | Tangy Lime Vinaigrette ties together a delicious unexpected surprise! Perfect as a main course and perfect for summer! Simple and delish! | WorldofPastabilities.com

Mexican Chef Pasta Salad

This is a pasta salad that always makes the list.  Kids of all ages love this and it has become a staple for our family gatherings…ole!

Mexican Chef Pasta Salad | Cha Cha Cha! Easy delish combo of sweet and tangy dressing with seasoned taco meat and fresh tomatoes, avocados and pasta. Add Doritos or corn chips - and the entire family goes crazy! A one pot yummy meal. Perfect for summer or beachside! | WorldofPastabilities.com 

Florentine Pasta Salad with Red Grapes and Cashews

My mother’s recipe and another family favorite.  You’ll see football shape pasta here, but know you can make this with any shape!  We love the sweet grapes and crunch of the cashews!

Florentine Pasta with Red Grapes and Cashews |Top 5 Pasta Recipes 2015 | WorldofPastabilities.com | Tried and true favorite recipes from 2015! Must do's for 2016!

We can’t wait to hear which one of these 5 Best Pasta Salads you decide to try with your family! Please comment and share any thoughts or suggestions as you entertain your family and friends.  Have a safe and fun weekend and enjoy!

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