5 Heart Recipes to Make and Share

5 heart recipes to make and share

Just a few days away from Valentine’s Day!  Do you feel the pressure? Or still full from the Holiday chocolates?  Well, we thought we could give you some fun ideas for a Valentine’s lunch or dinner.  Some of these recipes are healthy, some simple, some are more involved, and some even more complicated….sounds like relationships, huh?!:)

Let’s start with some family favorites.  These are basically one-pot meals.  Simple and delish and the entire family will love them!

simple vodka cream sauce with shrimp

One of my kids’ favorites, a Simple Vodka Cream Sauce with Shrimp.  Light tomato cream sauces always work and the addition of shrimp makes this an elegant dinner.  You can serve extra Parmesan on the side and everyone is happy!

Next up is a healthy mac ‘n cheese….calling all nuts!  Butternuts that is…

healthy butternut squash mac and cheese

This mac and cheese is full of flavor, a little sweetness, and just yummy.  Healthy Butternut Mac and Cheese will be a regular go-to.  The toasted breadcrumbs make it extra special…I promise, even the kids will love it!

Since the weather continues to be COLD, we have 2 soups that will warm up any night…and also just an excuse to cozy up with your sweet Valentines.

Italian Wedding Soup with Heart Pasta

Chicken Meatballs are so filling and flavorful and add some “uumph” to this Italian Wedding Soup.  Besides being pretty, this soup is substantial and the spinach adds some color and extra vitamins.  Just add a simple side salad – and you are in the running for Valentine of the Year!  If making meatballs seems scary…it’s not.  Super easy!  I promise!

If your Valentine is a seafood lover (like me), then this next soup is a MUST.

cioppino with heart pasta

Ciopinno is a classic and this version is quick…without missing out on flavor! Not too much prep and can be made after a long day at work!  I love this one….hope my Valentine is reading this.

Last but not least is our latest recipe, a wonderful Greek Pasta Bowl with Tuna and Chickpeas. This is more of an “assembled” recipe.  The dressing is only a few ingredients and most of these ingredients you’ll have on hand!  And if you want to add or subtract anything – just do it!  I’d suggest this for a Valentine lunch…

Greek Pasta Bowl

So now that dinner is covered, what’s for dessert?  Haha!  No ideas here on this blog.  I’ll leave that to a chocolate expert, or my Mom who is an incredible baker.  This is why you need lots of Valentine’s!  I’ll suggest she bring dessert…:)

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and I hope you find some inspiration in these recipes! And for more happenings with Pastabilities, follow us on Instagram @worldofpastabilities, or Facebook @pastashoppeusa!  Enjoy!

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